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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Our online store offers a catalog of shoes of the American brand Weestep, which, being still new in the Poland market, has already managed to win the hearts of many customers for whom European quality is in the first place. High-quality shoes from the brand Weestep has long won the Europeans and came to us. Our audience was completely surprised by the new American technologies, the European tradition of quality and the Chinese factory love with which the American brand "Weestep" is produced.

Among our weestep shoes, you can find winter, summer, and demi-season shoes in the product catalog. Winter ugg boots and thermal shoes, represented by high boots and warm boots. Soft ugg boots are always suitable for your girl's leg, not only because they are fashionable and stylish, but also insanely popular. School shoes, sneakers, sneakers, are perfect for your child's school. This year's sports collection is waiting for its young customers. Starting from the very first steps, orthopedic novelties are offered with an original sole for forming a correct, healthy foot, as well as with an arch support, which carries a certain prevention from clubfoot and flat feet. It should also be noted that the use of environmentally friendly leather by the American brand "Weestep" in production has shown that buyers are most focused on quality, style and the lowest costs when buying children's shoes. The availability of ecco-leather in the price is well justified by the European market. The use of new Shoe developments in the field, for example, the sole of a thermo Shoe, which allows the foot not to steam, but to pass fresh air, removing all excess heat from the boot or boot. An interesting fact is that during this exchange, moisture does not penetrate into the interior. We have models in any color, up to the fortieth size, any shape, with any execution. Drawings, rhinestones, rivets, as well as lacing, Velcro, ties, elastic bands, snake, and more. Often used models with a tie and lace-up in one model. The snake is combined with lacing and much more. The catalog of shoes of the American brand Weestep is characterized by natural leather, textiles, nubuck, suede, eco-friendly leather, foam, rubber, and hit-these are combinations that combine the toe and heel in natural leather, but the Central part of eco-leather, or some other material. At low speed, models are worn in most cases for sports shoes, heels, and wedges for school teenagers. Inner material: genuine leather Shoe boot winter shoes, fur and wool for boots, shoes winter boots, faux fur for winter ugg, textiles for shoes shoes, running shoes, or sneakers. Weestep rubber shoes come with or without felt boots. The sole of winter shoes is rough, strong, studded, but the sneakers are light and thin. Demi-season boots, ugg boots of medium thickness in the sole. Sneakers are with spikes, on high ground, or low running. This sole will allow the sneakers to attract the look of sports models.  Most customers order children's footwear products directly on the Weestep website, so when you become our regular customer, you will receive only the latest information about children's shoes, new products, discounts, or promotions. Our managers will always be able to provide you with the necessary information about the product, delivery, wholesale purchase, or retail promotion for a particular category of the Weestep brand during the day. The more you order, the more chances you have to become a regular customer, for whom we can always offer something on favorable terms for you.  We work with all transport carriers, so you can get the mail that is more convenient for you. We wish you a pleasant viewing of the catalog from the brand Weestep, where you will be able to choose your child high-quality and fashionable shoes.