Wholesale children shoes Weestep Showroom in Poland
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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Weestep Showroom in Poland




Weestep Showroom in Poland


Online store "Weestep", which provides all newcomers and regular customers with their American shoes for children, adolescents and youths. American new technologies and European quality have made the greatest revolution in the Weestep brand.

Customers are satisfied with the quality children's shoes “Weestep”, which is presented on the site: winter shoes, sneakers, thermal boots, summer shoes.


Wholesale store Weestep!

The central office of our Weestep online store is located in Warsaw, ul. Nadzhechna 16, Volka Kosovka, Pavilion 1, box C 26, or you can call the phone number +48728888569 (Viber, WhatsApp) where you can visit the address, or contact our representatives who will provide you with the necessary information on the product, show room, discounts, deliveries.


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E-mail sale@weestep.pl also works, which will answer in writing all your questions. You can also leave suggestions and wishes to our email address. Showrooms in almost all cities of Poland are represented by the new American collections of children's shoes “Weestep”, which is trying for all European customers to present their latest products in the field of children's shoe collections.

Not so long ago, the Weestep trademark introduced thermal boots from this year’s new winter collection.

It should be noted that they have special American technology not to let water pass through, but at the same time to let in fresh air to the child’s leg, for which he is so necessary, removing excess heat through special channels.




The baby's leg breathes and does not steam, which is significantly useful and convenient.

Each city has its own showrooms where only interesting models from the Weestep trademark are represented.

Almost all models from this year’s new collections in the main categories of children's shoes are presented in external material made of environmentally friendly leather, a new material that was produced in Chinese factories of American technology under the Weestep trademark. This material is presented by the Weestep showroom in all parts of Poland.

Many buyers order in bulk one, two, or several full sizes of Weestep children's shoes and feel the advantage, because they will save a lot on each pair, buying directly and without intermediation.


Having at home several sizes of different pairs of winter shoes, you can change your child’s pair at any time while the other two lie down, which will significantly extend the existence of shoes, and also protect the foot in winter frosts.

You will not waste time looking for goods of the next size when the child’s leg has grown, but replace it yourself with the next size.

Opening your store, you just need to complete it with the Weestep trademark, which will perfectly replenish the fullness of your store, giving American flavor.


Retail, you can also purchase several pairs of shoes of this brand, which will be delivered quickly to you. We have the smallest size of the twentieth, and the largest forty-first. Rostovs are presented from five to six pairs of shoes.

Each pair of Weestep shoes in its original box.

By subscribing to our Weestep website, you can always receive the necessary information in the form of a newsletter about a product, delivery, new places in the showroom, discounts, promotions, sales, new collections, as well as international exhibitions at which the Weestep trademark will be presented.


The more you order Weestep, the more chances to get quality shoes for children at the lowest cost from the manufacturer. We care about our reputation, therefore, we offer exchange, replacement and much more.

Becoming our regular customer, you can always get only the very first fashionable models in our catalogs.

Visit us on the Weestep website, browse the catalog of your favorite shoe category and place your order.

Then everything will be done by our managers. We wish you a pleasant selection of high-quality, stylish and fashionable children's shoes of the American brand, Weestep brand.


You will not regret buying “Weestep” from us, but you will be completely satisfied. Wear it with pleasure.


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