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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Wholesale Shoe store

Wholesale shop of footwear


Shoe shop wholesale Weestep!

For whom is there a wholesale online store of children 's shoes weestep.pl?

For those who have long worked in the shoe business and are looking for new wholesale suppliers.

For those who have just entered the market of children 's shoes as a novice and only looks at the participants of this business, choosing a partner.



For those who are already our wholesale buyer, we order every season in our store large and not very lot of goods.


For those who are not yet familiar with our "Weaver" brand name (if, of course, it can be!) And visited the site to learn more about our products.

For those who buy our shoes in retail stores and monitor the updating of collections in virtual catalogs so as not to miss the opportunity to make a successful purchase.

Universal partner

If you belong to any of these categories, then rest assured: you got to the right address.


Among the largest suppliers of children 's shoes in Ukraine we hold a leading position. More than 2000 models in the range plus all-season renewal of collections by 90% - such dividends promise wholesalers partnership with the brand WEESTEP.


Already familiar to us and dear buyers always have the opportunity to order the necessary batch of goods when there is still demand in the middle of the season, and the shoe or sandals are left very little.

Beginners can buy children 's shoes in bulk, determine practical experience on the index of demand for goods.


Perhaps someone is not yet ready to start mutually beneficial cooperation. However, any potential partner can find on the  Website with an assortment that is available, find out the sizes of the growth ranges and the price of the models of interest (after registration).

We also have useful information for retail buyers. How to choose shoe size, what are care products, what are orthopaedic shoes and what we can offer specifically in this product line - about all this and many other things you can read on our website.


In addition, moms who do not have time for tedious runs on stores first inspect the contents of virtual shelves. Especially for those who are not going to buy boots and rolls in bulk, we have placed here a list of our brand stores. The availability and retail price of the model is easy to find out by phone published in the contact details.

Thank you for being with us!

Wholesale shoe shop Weestep.

Wholesale Shoe store Weestep


We treat all customers with due attention, and long-term cooperation with particularly large quantities of goods is always accompanied by favorable discounts and incentive bonuses.

Our store is located at:


The European office of the brand Weestep is located in Poland, Warsaw, Nadrzeczna St. 16, Wólka Kosowska. Hall 1, Box C26 +48728888569 (Viber, WhatsApp)